Chalcographie du Louvre, Bonaparte à Arcole, gravure

90 €

Chalcography of the Louvre depicting Bonaparte during the Battle of Arcole (15-17 November 1796) during the first Italian campaign, he captured a flag and attempted to cross a bridge under enemy fire.

Stamp of the Louvre Museum. Framed and under glass. Good condition, some traces of ware.
Sheet dimensions (cm): H. 65 L. 50
Plate dimensions (cm): H. 49.2 L. 34.3

This chalcography was made with a chisel from the original copper on the historical presses of the art workshop of the national museums.
Bonaparte commissioned this painting in Milan from Antoine-Jean Gros, or Baron Gros (1771-1835), a pupil of David. The original plaque was engraved by Giuseppe Longhi (1766-1831) in 1798.

The engraving reads “Bonaparte at the battle of Arcole the 27 Brumaire year V” (November 17), “Painted by Le Gros”, “Engraved at Milan by J.Longhi 1798”.

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